You may have heard it said that business can be fun, you learn while you play and other such "clichés".

Well here at the Business Clinic we invite you to join in with one of our clinics so that we can prove these statements to be true.

Our clinics are open to the whole business community and are hosted by local business owners just like you. We quite often introduce themes just to add a bit of fun while we deal with the serious side of business ownership too.

Being in business can be very exciting, very rewarding but also very lonely. You find yourself wearing several hats, you have lots of great ideas ....and no one to share them with!

That's where our surgeries come in.

You have the chance to meet fellow business owners fortnightly where you can share opportunities, challenges or simply just enjoy the chance to talk things through.
So for a friendly, informal, yet confidential place to work on your business and not in it look no further.

Why not experience the power of ‘Peerstorming’ for yourself?

‘Peerstorming’ is a facilitated session for you to further develop strategic relationships with the people that regularly support you with your business development at your ‘peerworking’ surgeries. It will be your opportunity to tell your story, your why and to gain the extra support in growing your business to achieve healthier profits. 
These sessions will deliver the opportunity for all participants to support each other’s business development aspirations more easily and efficiently. They are an extra, value added support for Practitioners of The Business Clinic.  

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