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Contact person: Angela Pendlebury (+)
  • angela@positivelifestylerewards.co.uk

Lockside Office Park 1 , PR2 2YS Preston, Lancashire

07857 010262

Feel Good - Look Good - Get Rewarded

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General info

Positive Lifestyle Rewards (PL Rewards) is a lifestyle company dedicated to providing award winning insurance protection with rewards and discounts on various health, fitness and well-being products as well as information and inspiration to help people live active, healthy lives.

PL Rewards work with their partners to offer discounts and rewards that will encourage people to understand their health, take part in everyday healthy activities, get motivated and feel good both mentally and physically. It's about small steps that can lead to big changes.

A little bit about Angela:

"My passion is health and fitness. Being regularly active is really important to me as I know it plays a huge part in improving both my mental and physical health, as well as fighting off diseases and improving my quality of life. I enjoy walking, jogging, scrambling, mountain climbing, snow boarding, weight lifting and horse riding (anything outdoorsy really). I love to cook nutritious, tasty, colourful and healthy meals. My past-time is fashion design and production. I am also extremely interested in the power of positivity and how your thoughts create your destiny - I am a true believer and it really works.

If you are interested, you can view most of the above by following my social media on the above links. If you want to chat about any of my interests because you either have similar interests or simply would like to know more, send me a message - I will always reply!

01772 367 367



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