Routes to Finance and Funding

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Business Funding Made Easy

The Business Clinic exists to ensure healthier profits for local business owners, however sometimes you need more than just good advice and business support.

Obtaining adequate or suitable business funding can be frustrating, time consuming or sometimes feel just impossible, but The Business Clinic can help.

We are passionate about funding businesses and provide hands-on assistance in obtaining funding for new start or growth of you current business. That’s why we have partnered with several reputable and government approved financial institutions to assist business owners locally and nationally to access low cost finance.

Why use us?

We take away the stress and complexity and give you that extra support and guidance by sharing our experience and knowledge. While doing all of the below at no cost to you!

How we do it:

• Support you with your funding applications
• Impartial advice on the right type of funding
• Give you guidance on your business plans
• Give you guidance on your financials
• Give you guidance on creating business strategies
• Ongoing mentoring support

Working in partnership with you to find the right funding path, supporting your applications and ensuring your strategy makes that funding work for you is important to us.

To enquire complete the business funding enquiry form here or call on 01772 367 367 for an informal conversation.

Taking away the stress and complexity

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