More than just brand values, it's our promise to you...Brand Values

At The Business Clinic, we created our brand values from day dot. A set of guideline for us to live by and adhere to as a company and requirements for those who wanted to join the team along the way.

These 7 words and their meanings flow through the very lifeblood of our organisation, whether we are talking about the community interest side of our business or our speciality in franchise consultancy. 

We wanted to share these 7 words with you so that you know exactly what to expect when you are working with us, joining our team, forming a partnership, practitionership or just from meeting us at a networking event.


The BCO really care about what we do because we know how exciting the journey and impact can be, so you can be sure that when you work with us, see us or speak to us, that we will be passionate about what we do.


The BCO service delivery is always about you, not us.
We will always care about your needs and will strive to help you achieve everything you are capable of achieving both personally and within your business because there is no one or the other.


The BCO believe in the ethos of working together to achieve greater things.
We will work with the best people to develop the best services and always encourage our clients to do the same.


Everything the BCO offer has a purpose, providing significant benefits in a realistic timeframe.
We always start by considering what you want first and then design the means to help you achieve it.


The BCO value everybody’s opinion – every person has something unique to bring to any activity.
We encourage openness and the freedom to express ideas throughout our business and partnerships.


The BCO understand that to be better than the best, you have to do something different.
We will always strive to find new ways of achieving greater things and encourage our clients to develop a similar mindset to strive for bigger and better.


Only when our aspirations are raised can we realise our ambition.
We continually make every effort to improve and expand our limits and those of everybody we work with.

If you would like to know more about what we do feel free to explore our website further or if you have something specific in mind you can get in touch via our contact us page here.

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