'Peerworking' Roadshows

Sharing the expertise, knowledge, ideas and experience, of people across a range of businesses in a friendly, informal and confidential setting – ‘Peerworking’ is a powerful tool.

Local businesses in lancashire are partnering up with The Business Clinic to host a special FREE ‘Peerworking’ session at different offices around the county.

At The Business Clinic we have seen that ‘Peerworking’ has helped businesses in Lancashire successfully tackle a range of challenges – and seize opportunities to help them grow in our own back door. So now we are taking them on the road to the Lancashire community to share the secret.

We want to be able to give other businesses that same opportunity, we want to add value through attending these sessions and help you build personal and business development for healthier profits.

Experience the power that ‘Peerworking’ has to offer – see for yourself the positive impact it could have on your business and your bottom line.

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