Why Franchising?

The Business Clinic team are passionate about franchising as a proven route to genuine growth and business expansion – boosting revenue and profits.

Taking the franchising route reduces the financial risk involved in funding your growth.

It also increases the value of your business, while taking it to that next level and making it more attractive to potential funders, investors or purchasers.

Building a successful franchise model also helps others to achieve their dream of running a business. In your franchisee you will have motivated partners sharing your vision and growing with you.

The Business Clinic works with you to ensure you recruit the right people to succeed.

We’ll also make sure you’ve got the right financial structure in place to make franchising work for you.

We work with you on your franchise model and help you to put the right support systems and structures in place for your franchisees to be successful.


We are here to support your business growth through the following options:Low res MAP

1. Your Feasibility Study - AKA Your "Business Blueprint"

2. Franchise Consultancy

3. Recruitment Support

4. Finding Your Perfect Franchise Opportunity

What you can expect from us…

• We work in partnership to define your objectives and destination

• Produce a detailed feasibility study which acts as your business blueprint

• Uncover if franchising is the right route for you and your business

• Put the right financial structure in place

• Support you throughout the development of your comprehensive franchise MAP

• Recruit your franchisees to ensure your success


To speak to our team of franchise specialists about your franchising needs click here

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