Starting With Your Feasibility Study - AKA Your "Business Blueprint"

Blueprint.jpgEvery business owner who is focused on the route of franchise growth for their model should start off at this step. It is one that is crucial to the making or breaking of business growth through franchising.

Assessing the feasibility of your business as a franchise model is essential to your success in this process. This assessment forms your business blueprint and the very foundation on which you can build your franchise model - it will highlight the ways in which your current model is strong, and where it needs further support to achieve the most successful framework. One that is fit to be released into the franchise industry with minimal concerns of risk or failure.

How can we help you do this?...

We Share Your Passion as You Transform Your Business

The Business Clinic team will help you focus on the ‘what’, ‘why’ and ‘how’ to evaluate your business using our unique MAP (Methodology, Ability, Process) approach in order to achieve your business goals through franchising.

Throughout this process, we take into consideration your vision and desired direction. From our research we look at whole of market, trading history, competitor analysis as well as all-important financial modelling, to help you put the right processes and strategy in place to escalate your business. This helps to assess all the important factors from true strength of feasibility to pricing your franchise right. All our research is backed by statistics, financial data and historical reports so you can rest assured in your decision to grow through franchising.


We Work Alongside You as You Map Out Your Franchise Journey

At The Business Clinic, we promise to be upfront and honest with you about where your business suitability lies on completion of our report and if you are willing to follow our guidance, we can show you how to achieve your growth potential. We are with you every step of the way, at every meeting and to advise with every decision, to give our specialist views and support to aid your success. Our team becomes your team.


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