How My Business has Changed after 1 Year of 'Peerworking'

By Sarah Cutts - Sarah Cutts TranslationSarah Cutts Lancs Expo 2019 cropped

Having been a Practitioner at The Business Clinic for just over a year now, I have learned a lot from the “Peerworking” sessions and gained some valuable advice which I am now putting into practice and truly seeing the benefits of.

Firstly, thanks to a recommendation and some guidance from Helen, I am now using Free Agent to manage my accounts. This has helped me to streamline my procedures for documenting and keeping track of my expenses, without the need for various different spreadsheets. I can also issue and keep track of invoices quickly and easily which is saving me time and effort. Not being a fan of accounting work, I really appreciate this advice and the difference that using this tool has made to my business.

I have also updated my website content which I previously felt wasn’t really working for me. With Ged Henderson’s advice and expertise, I have incorporated my personal values and beliefs into my home page so that potential clients can now find out more about me and my services.

Discussing the various challenges in running a business in the surgeries has given me new ideas to better plan and structure my daily routine and the motivation to trial and implement systems for marketing to new customers. All of which I would not have had without “Peerworking”.

I have now started setting aside a day in the week as my “business/admin day” and it’s working really well, there is still so much more I want to improve on that I am working towards and with the help of The BCO Team I feel confident in the future growth and development of my business.

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