Michelle Pye - My 'Peerworking' Experience 

Michelle Pye

Michelle started at The Business Clinic on 8th May 2019 – after experiencing her first session she immediately realised it would be a great tool for her as a business owner, to help take on board, ways to grow and improve her business. She felt that having guidance from others and being able to give back to them would be very beneficial. Before Michelle was due to attend her second session she underwent a life changing situation with regards to her business which also had personal implications.

Michelle didn’t know how to feel about this situation and almost didn’t attend the session, fortunately she plucked up the courage to attend in the face of everything she was going through and unintentionally ended up putting it forward as a point of discussion. She got asked questions that she hadn’t considered which really made her think about things in a different way and the advice she got that day changed the course of actions she would take and she “hand on heart” believes that she would be in a very different situation today had she not come to the session and been brave enough to address it.

Over the past 6-7 months Michelle has learned so much from ‘Peerworking’ and the other Practitioners in the room, and after receiving advice and support she feels really confident in herself and her abilities as a business owner. She now has 2 businesses and has a plan in place to get what she wants out of her life so that both business and personal are working in harmony with each other, because at the end of the day the two are very much related.

The plan she has built lead on from a light bulb moment she had back in September during a 1-2-1 session with Helen and Rebecca where they urged her to get to the bottom of what she wanted by asking what kind of future she wanted her business to shape. They stressed the importance of making the time to plan and figure out what was important to her and to always use that as a focus point for the changes you make. Also by showing her the value of looking at what you have already done, being proud of yourself and continuing to learn from it.

Michelle explained “The Business Clinic changed everything for me, it made me realise that your business is personal and it is emotional and it’s how you deal with those situations and not feel ashamed to say why you are doing it”. She told the group that it got her through one of the toughest times in her business life and by having everyone involved it really made her feel like she was strong and gave her the confidence to take what she wanted and grow from her experience.

Michelle now works the days she wants and spends time with her children, guilt free and without compromises.

Michelle’s 3 children are the reason for everything she is working hard to achieve and before she was part of ‘Peerworking’ she felt like she was working in a man’s world where you need to be professional and that you don’t necessarily talk about the emotional reasons for wanting to achieve things. She felt as if you wasn’t supposed to say how much you want things out loud – like to be a mum for fear of looking unprofessional. But Michelle doesn’t feel ashamed to admit these things now she can be honest with herself and others because we are all in business for our own personal and emotional reasons and if you know what you are working towards, and why, it makes that journey a little easier.

If, like Michelle, you want to achieve your own personal goals while running a successful business, The Business Clinic can help you re-address your priorities and direction to spend that time with your family or take that trip of a life time.

Try ‘Peerworking’ today – you won’t regret it.

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