Virtual 'Peerworking' Success for Business Owner Sarah Cutts

Sarah Cutts Translation 2020

Practitioner Sarah Cutts is The BCO's resident translator and throughout Lockdown she has been attending regular Virtual 'Peerworking' Surgeries to ensure her business stays on top and ready for when normal life resumes. Here's what Sarah had to say about her experience of the online sessions:

"As a regular attendee of “Peerworking” surgeries, I really enjoy participating in the virtual sessions at the moment. Not only does it keep providing me with the opportunity of gaining valuable support on aspects of my business, but also helps to alleviate the feeling of isolation by still being able to interact with others and discuss the challenges that running a business throws at us!

I always value the advice that I receive and really appreciate that The Business Clinic has enabled us to continue with the “Peerworking” sessions during these difficult times and keep the motivation going!"

If you would like to get the same motivation, support and success as Sarah, come and join us at a Virtual 'Peerworking' Surgery! They are held on alternate Wednesday's and Friday's from 8:00 am-10:30 am.

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