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Virtual 'Peerworking' sessions are available in place of regular meetings for the local business community from now until the end of May 2020. They will be re-assess at this time.

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Lockdown Recipe's to Enjoy...

Eat what you want day 11th May

How many of you took part in "Eat What You Want Day" on the 11th May?

Lockdown has brought us plenty of good as well as the bad and a portion of that comes in the form of eating... Whether it be healthy, naughty, vegan or just plain simple.

Here are some recipe's our very own practitioners have created and enjoyed throughout the last 3 months for you to try and enjoy yourself!


1. BCO Co-Founder Helen has kindly provided us with a tasty vegan main option and a delicious dessert that is certainly a tried and tested crowd-pleaser among the BCO community!

 DSC 1953


Rasp and Almond

2. A Chinese Chicken Stir-Fry recipe to get you drooling at the mouth, from the one and only Carl Redman - AKA Professor Spice (because nowhere else is it twice as nice).

Click here for more recipe's from Professor Spice

Prof Spice

3. Michelle has brought a smile to my face with a recipe for chocolate lovers everywhere! Where would any of us be without a good brownie in our lives!



Mental Health - Let's talk about it!

Be Kind

Throughout May we have been focused on your self-care with the hashtag #SelfCareIsntSelfish. We have had some great conversations with our practitioners this month during 'Peerworking' about mental health tips to help you through your most testing times... not just through isolating, social distancing and all things pandemic related.

Read more: Mental Health -...

Right at Home: Caring and keeping people safeJayne and Karen Lancs Expo 2019

By Helen Livesey, The Business Clinic Organisation CIC


A BCO Practitioner for more than two years, Karen Myres and her team at local home and social care franchise, Right at Home Preston, have been working hard to deliver their quality care throughout the coronavirus crisis.

Read more: Right at Home:...

From lockdown to back to business, will we be going from pause to play or via restart?

Play pause restart

Read more: Pause, Play or...

5 Books to Keep up Your Lockdown Self-Care and Boost Your Business Strategy

5 Business Books to Read in Lockdown

By Rebecca Allam

Lockdown. Day 171, week 52, I think it’s possibly the 32nd Mapril? Or is that just me?

Read more: 5 Books to Keep up...

The Challenges of Pricing a Service

By David Nelson from The Business Clinic

Advice Clinic Jan 2020 2

Unlike product-based pricing, we cannot always quantify all the costs that go into providing our service.

Read more: The Challenges of...

Cleaning tips to keep you busy at home...mysecretfairy full logo v2 1

If you want something to keep your mind off the crazy world we are currently living in, we can help you get your home spring cleaned to perfection.

These tips will give you the comfort of a germ-free home whilst using natural thrifty methods with equipment you can lay your hands on at home.

So put down the remote and get out your odd socks... 

Read more: Cleaning tips to...

So you think you’re using the right social media platforms...?

By Rebecca AllamSocial Media How To 24th Feb 2020 6

Social media is something even the most tech-savvy business owners sometimes struggle with, the main reason for this? Time.

Read more: So you think...

From advice given at a previous surgery Nicola has created a presentation to deliver at a company conference in front of 1200 people sharing her experience and knowledge about networking.

The discussion point she brought forward was a research exercise to get some information from people who haven’t necessarily done a lot of networking in order to build her presentation to suit her audience. She found this exercise very useful and was able to build a personable presentation using only cue cards and her own engagement.

Read more: Nicola's Top 10...

Last week was National Storytelling Week and we asked people to write into us sharing their story and let us put the spotlight on their business to give you, the readers, a chance to understand that person better, get to know them in a different way and realise why they do what they do. Because lets face it we are all human and stories make us much easier to relate to and refer. 

So first up to share was Consulting Practitioner Nicola Taylor..

Read more: National...

...If you sell on value, not on price

Advice Clinic Jan 2020

By David Nelson

This article has been created from our January Advice Clinic “Have Your Cake and eat it!” and we have pulled out the best bits for you, the hardworking business owner, the sole trader the SME. The full time mum, part time freelance interpreter or the student entrepreneur from the comfort of their own bedroom. We all share the same passion and desire to pave our own destiny, and we all need a little extra help on that journey from time to time.

Read more: You can have your...

Our Water Dispenser is supplied by

 Here, at The Business Clinic, we are aware that keeping our team hydrated will aid them to perform at their very best throughout the work day.

As a result, we decided to invest in watercoolers from AquAid.


Read more: Saving Lives with...


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